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We Have Been Nominated!

We are excited to announce that CYS has been nominated as “Best Lawn Care Company” in Cobb County by Cobb Life Magazine for 2019!  You can VOTE for us HERE! Winners will be announced in April.

We take enormous pride in what we do every day, and we thank you for making Champion your lawn care company of choice in Cobb County!

Maintenance Scheduling

We strive to schedule all maintenance and installation services at times that are optimal with relation to weather patterns. Certain grass, ground cover and plants, as well as irrigation and installation, may require specific timing based on temperature and/or moistness of the ground.

We pay close attention to the weather, as well as if your property is in high shade or sun areas, when providing you a quote for services.

Tips for Winterizing Your Lawn

Leaf Removal
Everyone knows that they have to remove leaves in the fall but why is this important? Large thick mats of wet leaves can kill the grass underneath so do it now to ensure your grass will grow back healthy next year. Piles of leaves are also inviting for mice and overwintering insects.

Fresh Mulch Application
We typically add pine straw in December or January after all the leaves have been cleaned up. Fall and winter mulches create an insulating barrier between the soil and air, thereby protecting plant roots from rapid fluctuations in soil temperature. The temperature changes create movement that can heave plants out of the soil, exposing their crowns or upper root systems to damaging freezes. Fall and winter mulches also protect the ground from soil erosion and compaction from heavy rains.

Turn Off Outside Faucets
Shut off the water to your outside faucets from inside the house. Detach garden hoses from outside faucets and drain them before storing them to prevent them from snapping.

Winterize Your Irrigation System.
An important yet overlooked step in winter prep is winterizing your irrigation system. Your irrigation system is a vital investment for maintaining your property’s health so it is important to protect it from freezing temperatures. Water left in the pipes or valves expand when it freezes causing the pipes to burst underground. This is not only costly to repair but also does a number on your well-maintained yard. Irrigation system winterization is time-consuming and best left to professionals. At Champion Yard Services we take the time to make sure all the water is evacuated from your irrigation system and make sure it’s safe over the winter.

Current Georgia Drought Level Information :

Georgia Drought Response Website

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