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Our firewood is red and white oak and aged for at least one year before it is offered for sale. It is kept elevated and covered, protecting it from rot caused by rain. It’s all dry firewood! Logs are sized 16” to 18” long, and 3”-5” in diameter.

Give us a call today to set up delivery or pick up. Walk-Ups welcome.

Delivered and Stacked

(pricing valid within an 8 mile radius)

$350 – Whole Cord = 128 cubic feet

$225 – Half Cord = 64 cubic feet

$130 – Quarter Cord = 32 cubic feet

Delivered and Dumped

(pricing valid within an 8 mile radius)

$275 – Whole Cord

$195 – Half Cord

$100 – Quarter Cord

Picked Up

$250 – Whole Cord = 2 full bins (see photo for reference)

$140 – Half Cord = 1 full bin

$70 – Quarter Cord = 1/2 of a bin

$30 – 50 Pieces

*10% discount for public service personnel (e.g., firefighters, rescue workers, EMT, police officers and military members, both active and retired) to show our appreciation for your service!*


We offer 25% off one month of maintenance for each customer referral that results in one year of maintenance.

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