Retaining Walls

Vinings Estates Retaining Walls

Project Goals: To greatly increase the usable yard for the homeowner, create an attractive and safe pathway and steps down to the new yard, structure the groundwork (literally and figuratively) for the future of the property, and to increase the value of the home.

Project Details: The Champion Team ensured the absolute stability of the largest of the 3 retaining walls (90 ft long by 6 ft at the tallest point) with an extensive geogrid system and “rebarring” two layers of concrete blocks, totaling 240 tons. A second wall was constructed closest to the home and step treads were added mid project to allow a safe and attractive entrance into the new “patio” area. The third wall was built at the side of the home to provide level planting area for existing bushes and flowers. A new irrigation system and 4,000 sf of sod were installed as well as other bushes and plantings to complete the final project.
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